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BSA Launch in 2001


National Adacemy [sic] will Identify, Train and Support The Next Generation of Public School Superintendents

November 16, 2001

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Washington, DC - Today, The Broad Foundation and Governor John Engler (R-MI) launched The Broad Center for Superintendents at an event hosted by the Center for National Policy at the United States Capitol Building.**

Eli Broad, one of the nation's leading Democratic contributors, joined with John Engler, one of the nation's most prominent Republican Governors, to address the growing leadership crisis in
America's public schools.

Broad and Engler launched The Broad Center for Superintendents to identify, train and support talented business, non-profit and government executives - along with traditional education leaders -- to serve as superintendents in urban public school districts.

Superintendents are in charge of our nation's greatest investment - our children. However, many have little training or background in complex financial, labor, management, personnel and capital resource decision-making. In fact, 98 percent of superintendents are trained as teachers - not managers. Additionally, the average urban superintendent's tenure is just over two years. This program will dramatically change this equation.

"This is a direct infusion of leadership at the highest management level of our nation's urban public school districts. We are building an executive leadership corps to protect and to grow our nation's investment in children," said Eli Broad, Founder, The Broad Foundation.

Broad Center for Superintendents is an executive leadership development program designed to develop the critical skills needed to become a successful urban superintendent. Its focus will be a training academy that prepares future superintendents to meet the unique challenges that urban public school districts face. (A brochure describing the Academy program is attached.)

Michigan Governor John Engler said, "This is an exciting opportunity to cultivate great leadership in our nation's largest school districts. Literally millions of American children will benefit. I applaud Eli Broad for his vision and commitment."

Participants in the Academy will not need to leave their current jobs immediately. They will attend trainings for a number of weekends over a ten-month period in locations across the country. Fellowships, including tuition, travel and all program-related expenses, will be fully covered by The Broad Center. At the end of the training, The Broad Center will help place participants in urban school districts as administrators and superintendents.

U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige said: "I am delighted to see Eli Broad, renowned as a businessman and philanthropist, join with John Engler, the Governor of Michigan and a dedicated public servant, to provide a new approach to preparing school system leaders. The role of the superintendent is critical to the success of school reform and to the achievement of young people, and I applaud these gentlemen for their efforts to support and invest in developing our school leaders."

Established in 1999, The Broad Foundation's mission is to dramatically improve student achievement in our nation's cities by investing in new ideas and innovative leadership in urban school systems across the country. The Foundation supports efforts to improve governance, management and labor relations in our nations [sic] largest urban school districts.


*Melissa Bonney Ratcliff is currently a partner with Tom Vander Ark at Vander Ark/Ratcliff, “a full service strategic consulting firm focused on serving the education and non-profit sectors.”

**John Engler served as governor of Michigan (Eli Broad’s home state) from 1991 to 2003. His administration was characterized by privatization of state services, tax reduction, educational reform, welfare reform and major reorganization of executive branch departments. In September 2004 he was named the new President and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers. He serves as a juror for the Broad Prize.

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