"Featured graduates"

Bobb, Robert (Class of 2005)
Brizard, Jean-Claude (Class of 2007)
Carter, Arnold "Woody" (Class of 2002)
Cerf, Chris (Class of 2004) 
Deasy, John (Class of 2006)
Gist, Deborah (Class of 2008) 
Goodloe-Johnson, Maria (Class of 2003)
Levenson, Nate (Class of 2004) 
Malone, Matthew (Class of 2003) 
Olson, Kimberly (Class of 2005) 
Peebles, Thandiwee (Class of 2002)
Porter, John Q. (Class of 2006)
Sheffield, LaVonne (Class of 2002)  
Sims, Deborah A. (Class of 2005)
Ward, Randolph (Class of 2003)
Wise, Joseph (Class of 2003)

MORE COMING SOON! These stories call into question any claim that the superintendents trained by the Broad Superintendents Academy are going to be superior to other types of superintendents.